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Multi-Channel Content: Video  |  Social  |  Web  |  Email

Miracle-Ear is a national leader in hearing health care and hearing aid solutions. During my time as editor at MSPC Agency, I was the primary writer for this client.

Miracle-Ear wanted to expand beyond traditional TV advertising and find ways to resonate with its target audience through online content marketing.


We recommended a customer journey-focused approach to video content that would:

Emphasize the emotional pathway

a patient takes as they go from awareness to diagnosis and treatment


Champion the rich and rewarding relationships

between Miracle-Ear providers and their patients


My Work

Vetting subjects
Defining narrative arc + themes
Interviewing subjects on camera
Selecting b-roll, interview and lifestyle footage for final cut
Crafting content for:
  • Landing pages
  • Display ads
  • Email funnel
  • Organic + paid social


49% decrease in bounce rates

on pages with video

229% increase in time spent on pages with video

Watch the Videos

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